Compagnie M Pattern Hack: The six pocket Ileana dress

Voor één keertje een poging in het Engels, omdat Marthe van Compagnie M dat zo mooi suggereert in de sewing-contest instructies. Wees voorbereid op veel foto's, want ik kon niet kiezen. 

Just this once blogging in English, don't shoot me because my English is far from perfect. Be prepared for loads of pictures, choosing is not my best quality (I'm a Libra, need to say more?). 

Compagnie M meets Atelier Assemblé meets Zonen09

Six pocket Ileana dress

While prepping for the wedding, I noticed the sewing contest Compagnie M was organising. I didn't have time to participate yet, but my mind  kept buzzing during a few weeks. When I sewed the Cisse-pants for the boys, all fell into place. After the wedding, I cleaned my head and my house, and started drawing and sewing. 

I started from the Ileana-dress, but changed the faux button placket to an actual working one. Just because my eldest daughter likes to wear dresses all the time, even when they go swimming or have gym at school. A back closure isn't that practical then. But no big changes there. 

The one piece that's really hacked is the front of the half circular skirt. I liked the pleating I once saw in an Atelier Assemblé-skirt. But I thougt it would be fun if the pleating were actually real pockets, similar to the Cisse-pants by Zonen09.

As usual I went for contrast. I wanted to make sure you really can't miss the accents, and I wanted the fabric choice to add an extra bit of the vintage feeling that's so characteristic for the Compagnie M-patterns. Since I saw the stunning Hanami-dress from Straight Grain a few months ago, I collected a bunch of those beautiful fabrics from the Arizona Collection by Art Gallery Fabrics. I chose the Canyon Wall and complemented with a plain and simple dark blue cotton. I love this fabric combination! And I found just the right vintage-twisted-buttons in my mothers collection.

The last couple of years Kato grew a lot in length, but she's still a very thin girl. Comparing her measurements with the size chart, I made her a size 6. I added 4cm to the bodice and another 4cm to the skirt. With these alterations the dress fits her perfectly. 

And as since the dress was finished, but the weather far too bad to take acceptable pictures, I made a jacket to finish the look. The Autumn Flower jacket from Ottobre 4/2013 was already on my mind since the appearance of the issue, I thought this would look great with the dress. I used the same contrasting fabric for the binding and the lining of the pockets, so now they really are a team. The jacket is still a bit oversized, so she can really grow into it. I made a size 128, with the width of a 122.

Did you participate in the Compagnie M sewing contest? Leave your link so I can check out your creation!

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  1. Leuk met dat detail aan de zakjes! Ik doe ook mee met de pattern hack:

    1. Ik had je jas al gespot op de Compagnie M website, maar net wat meer in detail bekeken, knap werk!

  2. Chique! 'k Vind de zakjes supermooi afgewerkt.

  3. amai zeg, hoe prachtig is dat!!! en dat vestje ook, was! Zo wil ik wel een volwassen versie voor mezelf ;)

  4. Leuk! Toffe zakjes! Van mij krijg je een hartje!

  5. Kan ik nog ergens aan het patroon van het Lua slaapzakje komen? Zou dit graag maken.